Pray Always

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What is prayer? Is it a series of repetitive words and phrases with little of no feeling behind them? Is it a desperate cry for help when all else fails? Or is it something more? Prayer is heartfelt communication with God.

Why is it so important to have this communication with God? Imagine God as a loving Heavenly Father who desires us to call upon him. We would call upon him in our hour of despair, in moments of exceeding joy, and during times of sincere gratitude. The truth is that we don’t need to imagine, because He is our Heavenly Father. Just like an earthly parent he patiently waits for us to go to him. He is not going to barge into our lives.

Why do we need to call upon him? Because we need to come and know God. When we strive earnestly to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father we know him and trust him. As we strive to follow his will, the more likely we are to recognize answers when we receive them. And the more we follow his will the more we know that he hears our prayers. (John 9:31)

Also we have been encouraged to pray when we have questions or need greater wisdom. In the epistle of James in states “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God…” (James 1:5) God is the source of all truth and wisdom, if we have a question we should go to the source. We wouldn’t go to a mechanic for a tooth ache. The same goes for our questions about things eternally. We are also encouraged to “pray without ceasing”(1 Thessalonians 5:17). As we do so our prayers are heard and answered.

As we continue in James, it admonishes us that we need to “ask in faith, nothing wavering”(James 1:6) Faith is an action word. When we pray, we are showing our faith by doing the action of praying. We further learn that when we ask in faith then we will receive what is needful. (Matthew 7:7)

As we follow the example of our Savior we should pray at all times and in all places. As we pray we need to remember that our Heavenly Father knows us and will answer to what we need, not what we want. As we strive to learn the Father’s will we follow the example of Jesus Christ.(Matthew 26:39)

Heavenly Father always answers prayers. It may not be in a way we recognize or the way we want, but it will be in the way that is best for us and what we need.(Matthew 6:32)

To learn more about prayer and how God answers, check out and learn more.


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