Why a need for a prophet?

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God has always called a prophet to lead his children. When we have problems we turn to the scriptures. Prophets wrote the scriptures. If the scriptures are the word of God, then we know that God always reveals his will to his servants. (Amos 3:7)

The reason why God reveals his words to his servants is because of his great love for each of us. He knew that when we came to this earth, we would need guidance. In order for that to happen he needed a mouthpiece. One who is authorized to speak for Him. That person is a prophet.

Prophets are called all throughout history. We have our favorites-Noah, Moses, Daniel, David. These men were called of God to declare His word to His children. In order to distinguish prophets, there were very distinctive qualities given to define a prophet.

Qualities of a prophet

A prophet of God will have all of these qualities and more. The greatest test is what is the result of what he has done. In addition to these qualities, we have an amazing resource for our use. We can ask God if someone is a prophet or not.

The reasons why God calls a prophet today

  • God loves us
  • He has the same power he did in ancient times
  • We need His guidance

For these three simple reasons is why God called prophets in the past. And since he doesn’t change he has again called a prophet for our day. Christ showed us how to return to our Heavenly Father, He had the “words of eternal life” (John 6:68). Since Christ is no longer upon the earth we receive his words through a prophet.

To learn more about prophets visit Mormon.org


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