The Purpose of Life

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While we are here on earth, some of us or rather most of us feel lost. The reason behind this may because we do not realize the divine potential we have as sons and daughters of God. And we may not know what our purpose is here on earth. Is it to only live, then die? Since we are sons and daughters of an Almighty God, we do have a purpose in this life.

One of our main purposes is to gain a body.  We needed a body to continue learning. With this body we are given the opportunity to make choices, good and bad. From these decisions we learn the consequences that come our choices. Mainly when we follow God and his  commandments we find joy and happiness(Mosiah 2:41, John 13:17). When we choose not to follow God and his commandments, there is no permanent joy(Alma 41:10, Isaiah 57:21, Mormon 2:13).

Our purpose here is to find joy and happiness while on this earth(2 Nephi 2:25). While there are many hobbies that we take pleasure from there is only one way to have joy. That way is follow the path that our Savior, Jesus Christ, prepared for us.  He prepared the way so that we could escape the bonds of sin and return to our Heavenly Father(Matthew 26:28, Mosiah 3:13).

In order to follow the path that Savior made for us we are given time on this earth(Alma 12:24,Alma 34:32, 2 Corinthians 6:2). Primarily so that we can learn how to follow God’s commandments. Just like the Savior followed them perfectly, we can strive to follow them perfectly. We are not perfect, so when we fail the Savior’s atonement makes up the difference.

Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, there is always hope for us. There are some who follow God’s commandments and it seems like they will  never have any happiness. Their happiness is going to be eternal and the time that they suffered here on earth will be but a small moment.Hope always exists even in the darkest of times.

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