Tender Mercies

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As missionaries we face some very interesting days. There are days when we are able to touch so many lives with the message that Jesus Christ lives and his church is on the earth today. Then there are days when every door we knock is slammed in our face, the temperature soars,  humidity is at 90%, our hands & feet swell, and all around we are miserable.

 Those are the days when I truly wonder what in the world are we doing this for. Then Heavenly Father in his infinite wisdom sends us a tender mercy or, as I have come to think of them , mini blessings(1 Nephi 1:20, Ether 6:12, Luke 1:78).

Often, after an exceptionally hard day, the tender mercy comes.  Whether it be a call from someone we have been trying to contact or someone with whom we have been working  is able to recognize that our teaching truly is the will of Lord.

It is at those times, that I know that Heavenly Father is ever mindful of us.   Just at the point when I am ready to throw in the towel,  He is there.  Offering a tender mercy to remind me of his love and of what I am doing.

A tender mercy I recently received happened while I was serving at the historic sites in my mission during the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  During this exciting time, I, along with the other sisters, lead several(hundred) tours during the 12 days of Pageant.

At some point, taking these countless tours becomes quite repetitive.  One thing that never becomes repetitive is the opportunity I have every 20 minutes, to stand in front of a group of 30 people and share with them what I know is true.

The tender mercy is that every time I share what I know,  it is confirmed to me, by the sweet assurance from God, that those things are true. That Joseph Smith was God’s chosen prophet, that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that the grove of trees, hundreds of yards from where I stood, was indeed a sacred place.

Heavenly Father knows us as individuals. Things that happen in our lives don’t just happen by coincidence. A loving Father in Heaven is aware of us and just when we need something in our lives, a tender mercy occurs. That glimmer of hope that we so desperately need becomes apparent in our lives through that tender mercy.

Watch this video:

The Tender Mercies of the Lord


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