Life is a Game of Baseball

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Our lives can often be compared to a game of baseball. Not the professional style baseball. But the pickup games that are in the street or some abandoned field. All the players are from different paths. The equipment varies as greatly as the players. Yet we are all gathered together to have fun and play this game.

Now occasionally in this baseball game, accidents occur. The most notable is the occasional ball that goes through the closet neighbor’s window. When that happens all the players scatter, while the lone guilty player is left alone to face the wrath of the neighbor. The greatest dread is the player cannot pay the price for the window on their own. That is when a loving father steps in and pays the price for the window.

The best part of the window being paid for is that the neighbor has no claim upon the player who accidently hit the ball through their window. They are free to play a baseball again and have learned to not hit the ball through the neighbor’s window.

The reason our lives so closely resemble a game of baseball is that we come from all walks of life, the talents that each of us possess is as different as we are. And occasionally all of us are going to make mistakes and hit the ball through the window.

 Heavenly Father knew that occasionally we would hit some balls through the window. He also knew that there would be no way we could pay for it ourselves(1 Nephi 14:7). In order to pay for the window, he sent His son, to pay the price.

Jesus Christ was sent to satisfy the demands of justice(2 Nephi 9:26). In other words to pay for the broken window. The only reason Jesus Christ could do this is because he was perfect. He was sent by Heavenly Father to save us from the demands of justice (John 3:16).

The way we have him pay the price is simple, we ask. In addition to asking, we also need to be truly sorry for breaking the window and willing to learn how to not break that particular window. There will be other windows that we accidently break. At times we may try to pay for those windows on our own. We may even be able to pay for a miniscule portion of the window, but in the end the Savior is only who can truly pay the full price.

In every way I try to do my best but I keep hitting the ball through the various windows of life. At times I may try to hide the broken window, or run away and hide myself. In the end, I always end up turning to my Savior to pay for the window. I know that he is able to pay for all windows no matter the price.

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