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The other day my companion and I were driving home after a long day of helping others come closer to Christ. In the midst of our conversation we both forgot the same word. We knew it started with a ‘p’, we knew the definition, we knew it dealt primarily with writing, but for the life of us we could not remember it. 

For two days we thought and discussed it, but still it was on the tip of our tongues and we couldn’t spit it out. Then we were talking to someone and mentioned our dilemma and gave her the definition. She very calmly  told us the word.

Why is that for two days we struggled to come up with one word, while someone, in just a moment was able to recognize and provide the word we had forgotten. Is it because for that moment the word was not essential to our salvation. We have a more important work to do than to remember an english term, that is, at this time, irrelevant.

At some point we all have something on the very tip of our tongue, that we just can’t quite recall. All of us at some point know that we came from somewhere greater than this and that there is a purpose. That is when Heavenly Father sends someone. This someone provides that information and it makes sense. It is as though the thought that has been at the tip of our tongue and we just couldn’t spit out.

When we hear something and it just makes sense, that is an important gift from our Heavenly Father. When we agreed to the plan of coming to earth, Heavenly Father gave us an important tool, that would help us remember what we had been taught. This tool is often referred to as the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit.

In John we learn that one of the many purposes of the Holy ghost is to “bring all things to your remembrance”(John 14:26). That “all things” includes not only temporarily things, but also spiritual things. Things that we may have been taught before we were born. Often we have teachers that remind us of these things and instinctively we know whether they are true or not.

Many times  the Holy Ghost has brought something to my remembrance or in other ways have helped me. Perhaps the reason why my companion and I could not remember that word, is because my purpose at this time, is to not remember english terms, but to help remind others of things they were taught before they came to earth.

To learn more about before we came to earth visit Mormon.org


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