Clay in His Hands

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Have you ever seen a master potter mold and shape a beautiful piece of work out of a lump of clay? At first the clay is ugly.  We may even wonder how anything beautiful could come out of such a thing. Then a master potter sits down. With great skill, he slowly starts to mold and shape the clay into something infinitely greater. Slowly, yet surely, the potter can shape this lump of clay. Each piece of clay because something unique and different. Never is there anything plain or ugly about it.

Each of us are this lump of clay, before the master potter begins to shape us. At first we may not know why we are being shaped. Slowly, yet surely, he is shaping us. We may not know what he is shaping us to be, but whatever it is, it is a work of art. Each piece is unique, different, and special. At times I feel, like I being squashed and reshaped again and again. Yet, I know that the master potter is in control.

The next step is the firing process. At this point the clay is still soft and moldable. It is then put under intense heat. This heat makes the clay hard and strong. Heat is used for many things, it can burn out impurities. It can bring the best quality of many things out, but only if it is put through this intense heat. And it has to be continuous or it won’t be complete. If the heat lets up at all the piece will be flawed.

Often our trials feel like this intense heat. At times they may feel like they are almost too much to bear. Trials feel like they are coming hard and fast one right after another and we wonder if they will ever let up. However the master potter knows that it may burn us,but they only way to make us truly strong is to have trial after trial plague our way. It is only then that we can truly appreciate what we have. In this way we also can develop faith.

Faith in the master potter is what we are all trying to develop. It is a hard process when you are being squished and reshaped over and over again. Then after that long process you are put through the fire of affliction. At times we wish it would lighten up or have it easy in our lives. The master potter knows what we need to happen in our lives and what we truly can become, if we allow ourselves to become clay in His hands. “Behold, as the clay is int the potter’s hands, so are ye in mine hand”(Jeremiah 18:6)

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