Master Physician

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I have been extremely blessed in my life to not have to go to the hospital or a doctor for any serious reasons. There are others in the world who haven’t had that blessing. Though I haven’t had any need for a temporal hospital, I have needed a spiritual hospital. We all need a spiritual hospital.

I continual hear the reasoning that someone, for some reason, doesn’t need to go to church. Church is a hospital for sinners. We are all sinners. We are all sick and need medicine.(Matthew 9:12) Christ is the master physician and His word is the medicine we all so desperately need.  How are we to be diagnosed if we don’t go to the hospital? How are we to gain the medicine we need if we don’t go to the master physician?  We can’t.

After we are admitted to the hospital, two things happen we are nourished and given rest. When we are spiritually admitted to hospital we are “nourished by the good word of God”(Moroni 6:4). The word of God, “healeth the wounded soul” (Jacob 2:8).  All of our souls are wounded and they can only be healed by the word of God.

Christ has offered the rest when he said,  “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”(Matthew 11:28). Quite often a doctor prescribes rest for recovery. That is what Christ is doing. We are all burden with sin and Christ is giving us rest so that we can recover. That is what Christ is offering when he beckons us to come to him.

We are all sick. There are those who have broken hearts. Then those who have sinned. In some way we are all broken. We are in need of the medicine that the Master Physician can and does offer. Do we dare to turn down this life saving medicine? It has already been paid in full. Each drop of blood that spilled from Christ body  paid for that medicine.  This medicine can and will make us whole.

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