To Jump Out of a Boat

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Would you jump out of a boat even if the waves were boisterous? Not many of us would. That would be foolhardy. Peter, the apostle, did jump out of a boat. His faith was sufficient for him to jump.

This story is found in Matthew. The disciples are in the ship and they see a figure walking toward them. They are afraid they believe that it is a spirit(Matthew 14:25-26). The Savior then comforts them. Peter cries out “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water” (Matthew 14:27-28). The Savior tells him to come to him. Peter has enough faith to jump out of the boat and start walking on the water towards the Savior.

Then the waves distract him and he stops looking at the Savior. The moment he looks away from the Savior he starts to sink and Peter cries out “Lord, save me” ( Matthew 14:29-30). Immediately the Savior reaches out his hand and “caught him”. Then the Savior asks Peter, why did you doubt (Matthew 14:31).

In so many ways we are like Peter. We have enough faith to jump out of the boat, when the Savior calls to us. We start on our journey towards him with no fear. Then the waves or trials come into our lives and we lose our focus on the Savior. Immediately when we lose our focus we start to sink. And unlike Peter, we sometimes don’t cry out. We vainly try to make it on our own. Barely keeping our heads above water. But the Savior is there. As soon as we cry out, “Lord, save me”. He is there and lifts us out of our trials.

The question is then posed, do I have enough faith to jump out of the boat? And do I have enough faith to focus on the Savior? As long as we keep our focus on the Savior we will be able to withstand any trial and walk on water.

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