Daughter of a King

November 30, 2010 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment

When I was a little girl my sister gave me a book. It was about a princess. For some reason she had to go into hiding with her nana. They hid as common bakers. During this time the princess learned how to bake and a multitude of other things. While she was learning these things, the other girls in the town were practicing to become princesses. They were sewing pretty dresses, sitting in the sun to get their hair to be blond, and practicing their curtsies. All of this so when the king returned they could be the  princess. Despite all this the king was able to recognize his daughter. Not only for her looks, but because of her love. None of the other girls loved the king like the way his daughter loved him.

So, I’m a little sketchy on the details, but it has been a while since I’ve read the book. I was always so happy that the true princess was restored to her rightful place. Among other things my sister was trying to teach me, is that I am also the daughter of king. This king is so much greater than any earthly king. He is my heavenly King.  Not only am I the daughter of a King, but every single one of us is a son or daughter of this King(Romans 8:16).

We are a lot like this princess. We are away from our Father and almost in disguise. We may not look like or act like children of a king. That is because we are learning different things. As we are learning, we also develop love for our Father. So that when we return to him, he can recognize us, not for our looks, but because of our love for him.

So how do we show our love for him. It is rather simple. By keeping his commandments. By following his Son. The Savior showed his love for His father by perfectly following all of his father’s commandments.  The Father gives us witnesses of his love all around us. Then he gives us little reminders now and then of how much He loves us.

You are the son or daughter of the glorious, heavenly King. As we remember this simple fact, nothing can deter us from becoming who we truly are, the sons and daughters of King.

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