Christmas Lights

December 15, 2010 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

My friend serving in the Temple Square Mission recently wrote me a letter expressing these same thoughts.

Winter has hit us here in Western New York. Everyday more and more snow piles up. The best thing about the snow is that Christmas lights are now up. Every night they twinkle against the darkest of the night, whether it be a clear or a blizzard. It is interesting to me that during this time is when the Northern Hemisphere is drawing close the winter solstice. This winter solstice results in the shortest day and the longest night, in other words it is really dark.

To me it is rather ironic, shortly after we pass the “darkest” day of the year is when we celebrate Christmas. Christmas is such a joyful time. It is around this time the lights go up and light up the world since the sun is in short supply. Just as this “darkest”  time of year is when we have the most light.

 These lights remind me a lot of the Savior.The Savior of the World was born during the darkest time in the history of the earth. The world was filled with wickedness. The Savior came in the meridian of time, right in the middle. Just as we need Christmas lights in the middle of winter, we needed the Savior during the darkest part of the world. He provided much-needed light to a light-starved world.

During the winter the lights are only up for a very short time. Then Christmas passes and the lights come down. Unlike Christmas lights, we can always have the Light of the World with us. The Light he provides in our life never has to end.


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