A Night Like No Other

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The night of the Savior’s birth. What an amazing night that must have been. Joseph valiantly searching for a place for Mary to have that precious babe. The shepherds being told of the promised Messiah’s birth, and the angels heralding his coming. On that night the wise men must have begun their journey to find the Christ child, since the sign of the star had appeared. It was a night unlike any other.

Not only in the old world was it long-awaited with great anticipation, but also in the new world. The people here in the Americas also awaited it. Those who believed in Christ were also anxiously awaited his coming. The unbelievers had promised death to the believers if the sign of the birth of the Messiah was not seen on a certain day(3 Nephi 1:4-9). That day did come and the sign was given(3 Nephi 1:13,15).

It is interesting to note that the shepherds were the first to be informed of his coming. The humble shepherds, who were watching their flocks. It is interesting to note that it was probably quiet and still. They were not caught up in the hustle and bustle taking place in the city. It was to them that the angel appeared and announced the birth of Christ(Luke 2:8-12).

On this night, when the Son of God was born, angels praised God(Luke 2:13-14). It was not only his birth they were praising, but what his life would be that they also praised. He would offer salvation to every soul that would accept it. They were praising the fact that God’s plan would be fulfilled in this tiny baby. 

The wise men were ready and watching for the sign of the birth of the Son of God. When the star appeared they saw it and knew what it meant. They fearlessly followed it and found the promised Messiah.

Thousands of years after this event we still celebrate it. The reason we celebrate is not because of Christ’s birth, but what his life and eventually his death accomplished. We have Christmas, because there is an Easter. If there was no Easter, it would have been just another night when a baby was born in Bethlehem.  But it wasn’t, it was a night like no other, when Christ, the promised Messiah was born.

To read the Christmas Story.


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