Recipe for Life

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My cooking skills are somewhat limited. However if I have a recipe I can usually fumble my way through and make a half-decent dish. It is easy to follow a recipe and make a meal. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a recipe for life. We all do, we just choose not to follow it. That is when heartaches and sorrows come.

You may ask what is the recipe and how can I obtain it. This recipe is easy to obtain, harder to follow. The recipe is the commandments.  And where are the commandments found? In God’s word. Now some say “well, the commandments don’t apply to today’s world”. Of course they do! God is eternal, so his laws are also eternal(2 John 1:6). We may not understand them all, but they are all applicable to our lives today.

Saying that we don’t need commandments is like saying you don’t need a recipe to make a complicated dish. If you use all the correct ingredients and follow the directions, you have an excellent meal to enjoy. If you don’t… who knows what type of mess you will end up with. It may turn out all right or it may be a disaster. The same goes for following the commandments. If you live the commandments, you will have an excellent life(Mosiah 2:22). If you don’t, you may be alright for the short-term, but in the long-term you are in a heap of trouble.

The reason Heavenly Father gave us commandments is because he loves us(1 John 5:3). He knows what will make us happy in the long-term. So he gave us the recipe, then he gave us the choice of whether or not we want to follow it. If we do, even if we fumble our way through, life will turn out alright. If we don’t, we won’t ever find true and everlasting happiness(Alma 41:10).  The best news is that we can always start anew. The ingredients never change, but our choice whether of not we follow the recipe can(Joshua 24:15). The Savior gives us a brand new bowl, in which to add the ingredients into.

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