Everything Changes

January 26, 2011 at 7:16 pm Leave a comment

Every six weeks without fail there is an unusual excitement that takes place in a missionary’s life. This time is called transfers. Now what are transfers you may ask.  Transfers are when missionaries have the opportunity to serve in another part of the mission. We leave where we have currently been serving and move to a new apartment, usually we get a new companion and lots of things to do.

Why do we have transfers? Well there is a lot of reasons why. The most important reason is that this is the Lord’s work and He knows where we will make the most difference. Whether we need to be somewhere for our own growth or there to help someone elses growth.

The most important part of transfers is not the moving to a new place or getting a new companion. The most important part is that this is done completely by revelation. It is not some random guessing game. But we are put where we are for a reason and sometimes we can’t see the reason, but the Lord can.

Now you may ask,  how do we handle transfers? How do we adjust to living a new place, with a new companion? We handle it with faith. We do as Nephi, in the Book of Mormon, did. He went and did everything that the Lord asked him to.  He may not have known how he was going to accomplish anything, but he trusted that the Lord would provide a way. (1 Nephi 3:7)

Just like Nephi I trust the Lord enough to know that whatever He wants me to do he will provide a way. Since whenever that six-week excitement rolls around, I don’t fear. I look forward to the opportunities tha God is giving me. And by the way, I was recently transfered. I went somewhere new and got a new companion. 

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