You Can Do It

February 2, 2011 at 5:05 pm Leave a comment

Some of you may remember the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Now I personally don’t remember, but this clip caught my eye. It touched my heart, to think of this dad helping his son. It ended up that the son didn’t win, but he finished. To start the race the dad was probably on the side lines cheering his son on. Then in his moment of need, his father was there. He helped him finish the race.

Now, who has been your strongest supporter. The person who is behind you all the way. The person who you can hear yelling “You can do it!” Each of us has someone who is cheering us, giving us encouragement and saying, “Yes, you can do this.” Then in our moment of need, they run out to the track and help us finish. We all have one person in our lives who runs out to the track and helps us finish. 

Now this one person is God, our Heavenly Father. The reason he knows we can do it, is that he knows us. He created this marvelous earth for us to come to and to succeed. He didn’t create us just to fail. He knows that each of us will, without exception, have difficulties and trials. Along with that he gave us powerful resources so we could succeed.

Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to succeed. He sent us His son, Jesus Christ, our older brother. He had a special part to play. He was to be our Savior,our Redeemer and He runs onto the track and carries us to the finish line. Through His suffering, he knows what it is like to hurt so bad that you can’t go. With that suffering, He also knows how to help us to reach the finish line. So that we can do it. As we put our trust in Christ, we can and will finish the race.

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To see the clip, 1992 Olympics


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