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Ever notice how often we break things. I am constantly remind about how often things get broken. But what amazes me is that after things are broken they can come back better than before.

Now you are probably thinking how in the world can a broken thing come back better. Once a glass window shatters, its done for. But there are other things; broken soil is better able to have a crop, a broken fortune cookie to get the fortune, broken clouds are more likely to give rain, the list goes on and on. The same is true for us. When we are broken-hearted we are more likely to turn to God(3 Nephi 12:19). It is when we are broken that He can build us into something better.

As a missionary, I am constantly in contact with those who are broken. Life has worked at them and they are broken in spirit. They want to be fixed and many times have no idea how. Then we come along. And I will be honest, I don’t know how to fix anyone. But I do know that Christ does know. I don’t fix anyone or heal anyone, I point  them towards Christ. I give them the things the need to follow Christ. Some of those things are simple; the scriptures, prayer, coming to church. As they draw nearer to Christ he fixes them.

It is when we are broken, that we become better. Think about it. Thomas Jefferson failed thousands of times before he succeeded, was he broken.  Albert Einstein, as a child was told that he was stupid, was he broken. Joseph Smith barely had a third grade education, was he broken. In some way or another we are all broken. It is when we are broken that we can be fixed and become instruments in God’s hands(Mosiah 27:36).

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