Life is a Dance

March 9, 2011 at 6:29 pm 1 comment

Life is a dance. We are each in it. In this dance we have one shot to make it the best. There are times that we fall, times that we lead, but we are always dancing. There are certain elements that are found in a dance. The technique, the beat, and most importantly the center. Each of these are vital to the dance.

First the technique. In order to dance, you have to know what you are doing. At first, you may feel a little silly. But we all learn, one move after another. Each move builds on another. Once the simple moves are mastered, the harder ones become easier. Until it becomes an effortless process. In life we build on what we already know, but at first we did not know anything(2 Nephi 28:30).

Then the beat. This what keeps us in sync. Keeps the moves coordinated. When everyone is on the same beat, the dance is a masterpiece. In life we have commandments. They keep us together, in sync with our Heavenly Father. When we follow the commandments, just like when we follow the beat, our lives become a masterpiece(Alma 36:1).

Lastly and most important is the center. In my last post the center was explained. When we have our center everything falls into place. There are times that we get knocked off-center. When this happens we fall flat on our face. There have been times when I am right in the middle of a complicated turn and I lose my center. When that happens, I end up on the floor thinking, “what just happened?” Sometimes in life, something makes us lose our focus on our center, our Savior. When that happens life hits us and we end up wondering what happened.

In all things, our Savior is the most important. Technique or knowledge we can learn. We can learn to follow a beat, just like we can learn to follow the commandments. But it all falls into place when we find our center. It all makes sense when we follow Jesus Christ(1 Peter 2:21).

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My Center To Be Whole

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  • 1. Steven Watts  |  March 9, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Thanks Sister Kissel – your thoughts about Christ being the center of our focus and life were very inspiring. Keep up the good work! Elder Watts


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