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How Great Thou Art

The other day I woke up to fluffy white stuff falling from the sky. I have been unusually blessed this winter by having this stuff be in rare supply. Amid groans and complaints I went throughout my day. Then I had the opportunity to sing the well-known hymn “How Great Thou Art”. This beautiful hymn reminded me of all the blessings a loving Father has given me.

It isn’t the snow that is awful, it’s the results that are. There is nothing that can compare to the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Or seeing the mountains that surround me dressed in the winter finest. Or the way it covers up all the rough edges and softens it to a picturesque scene. So often I take for granted the beauty of this world and complain about the one thing that isn’t pleasant.

When I stop and take a look around me, I realize how beautiful this earth is. Then I realize that the Great Creator made this for us. What is even greater is that he sent His Beloved Son to this earth, to suffer and die, so that I can return to live with Him someday. This alone cause my soul to sing, “How Great Thou Art.”


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Season of Hope

The birth of one child brought hope to the entire world.Limited few knew the impact that this infant would have. Wise men diligently awaiting His birth knew. As did prophets of old. Angels herald news of His birth to shepherds,who then knew that this child was important. What the few in Bethlehem knew then, is now known throughout the world. His birth which was followed by His exemplary life followed by his triumphant death saved the world and gives us hope today.

This time of year is when we celebrate His birth. To me we are in essence renewing our hope. Everything looks a bit brighter and the future not so bleak. We, hopefully, forgive past trespasses and give with a lighter heart. Lights brighten up the darkest time of the year and children’s faces shine with the Spirit of the season. Hope is everywhere and it is all possible because of the birth of the Christ child.

The reason we celebrate His birth, is because of what His death accomplished. We “have hope through the atonement of Christ…” (Moroni 7:41). Is it no wonder then why the celebration of His birth is a season of hope. It is because of our faith in Him that we can have hope. His wondrous birth and life provides hope for all ages.

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Spring is Right Around the Corner

I LOVE  spring!!!! Perhaps it is because I do not enjoy being cold. Or maybe because I got sick of snow after we received the first 3 feet of it. Whatever the reason, I am blissfully happy that spring is on its way. And how do I know that it is just around the corner, because you can see it coming.  Warmer temperatures, the sun is really shining, tulips peeking through the dirt, my companion being waked up by birds singing in the morning. All these little signs are definite signs that spring is well on its way.

What I love most about spring is the freshness of life. Everything feels alive. While during the very long and dark winter months everything feels lifeless. During spring is when life begins again. Flowers begin to bloom, farm animals are born, people actually come outside. It is during this newness of life that I think of the Savior. It was during this time that he was preparing to give his life.

At the hands of evil men the Savior was a willing sacrifice for the sins of men. For three days, his mortal shell laid in a borrowed tomb. But on the third day, he took up his body. He conquered death. Since he conquered sin and death, we are given the opportunity to return to live with our Father in Heaven. I know that Christ lives. Spring will always be a time to appreciate eternal life, because the Savior conquered death during this beautiful time of year.

To read about his death see Matthew 26-28, Mark 15-16 , Luke 23-24, John 19-20

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To Be Whole

During the Savior’s mortal ministry,he did many things. Among those things was healing he was constantly healing people. Most of the healing was for those who could not be healed by earthly means. Either there was no cure or no technology to correctly take care of the malady. To heal them he said “thou art made whole”(John 5:14). They were always cured.

In so many ways we have a malady, not physical but spiritual. We are sick in some way. We are not whole. In order to be whole we need to hear the command of the Savior, he makes us whole. He made others whole in the New Testament and today he still makes us whole.

Those in the New Testament were made whole by hearing the command of the Savior. How do we hear his command today? There are so many ways. We study the words which testify of him. We study the words that He said. Then we ask.  Each of those who he healed, in the New Testament and in the Book of Mormon, in some way asked to be healed. The Savior never denied, he always healed them.

None of us are whole. We all have holes that can only be filled by the Savior.The Savior is always feeling my holes in and making me whole. Will we let him make us whole?

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Life is a Dance

Life is a dance. We are each in it. In this dance we have one shot to make it the best. There are times that we fall, times that we lead, but we are always dancing. There are certain elements that are found in a dance. The technique, the beat, and most importantly the center. Each of these are vital to the dance.

First the technique. In order to dance, you have to know what you are doing. At first, you may feel a little silly. But we all learn, one move after another. Each move builds on another. Once the simple moves are mastered, the harder ones become easier. Until it becomes an effortless process. In life we build on what we already know, but at first we did not know anything(2 Nephi 28:30).

Then the beat. This what keeps us in sync. Keeps the moves coordinated. When everyone is on the same beat, the dance is a masterpiece. In life we have commandments. They keep us together, in sync with our Heavenly Father. When we follow the commandments, just like when we follow the beat, our lives become a masterpiece(Alma 36:1).

Lastly and most important is the center. In my last post the center was explained. When we have our center everything falls into place. There are times that we get knocked off-center. When this happens we fall flat on our face. There have been times when I am right in the middle of a complicated turn and I lose my center. When that happens, I end up on the floor thinking, “what just happened?” Sometimes in life, something makes us lose our focus on our center, our Savior. When that happens life hits us and we end up wondering what happened.

In all things, our Savior is the most important. Technique or knowledge we can learn. We can learn to follow a beat, just like we can learn to follow the commandments. But it all falls into place when we find our center. It all makes sense when we follow Jesus Christ(1 Peter 2:21).

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My Center

For many, many years of my life, dancing was my life. An essential part of learning to dance is finding “your center”. Now “a center” is our center of balance. Our center changes when you dance, because many moves done in dance is on the toes of one leg. Once a dancer finds their center, everything else falls into place. Complicated turns-piece of cake, leaps-take wing. After finding the center, it’s all polishing from there on out.

Many of us are searching for our spiritual center. We are all trying to do this dance of life. At times, its pretty darn hard if we can’t find “our centers”. There are many false centers. These false centers can work for a while, but sooner or later they will fail.

There is, however, one true center that will never fail. That center is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Once we find Him, and learn to follow Him, everything else falls into place. Life becomes more meaningful and every new stage of life adds to the knowledge of the Savior.

I have found my center and that is Jesus Christ. That is now the driving force behind my actions. In a world that is trying to knock us down, we need our center more now than ever. We can have hope and we have hope by finding “our center”. MY center is Jesus Christ, there is no other way.

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Because of One

Have you ever thought of how powerful one person can be. Literally one person can make a world of difference, to one person. We can all effect just one person. What we don’t see is the ripple effect of that occurs because of that one person whom we touched. We find examples, for good and evil, every the effect of just one person.

So the first place we can turn is to the scriptures. One of my favorite scripture stories is of a Book of Mormon prophet Abinadi. Abinadi lived among a group of people who were really wicked. He was called as a prophet to tell the people to repent. They didn’t listen. In the end the king order the death of Abinadi. Now who did Abinadi effect, just one person.

The one person who Abinadi touched, his name was Alma. Alma believed the words of Abinadi and started to teach the words of Abinadi to the people. Now the amount of people who believed Alma’s words far exceed the amount who believed Abinadi’s words.  The amount who first believed in his words was two hundred. It later grew to about 450 people who believed. Trace it back and it is all because of one person.

Just like Abinadi had such a positive effect on one person and later hundreds. The same is true for those who want to do wicked. The was a unrighteos king found in the Book of Mormon. He was wicked and since he was wicked, all of his people were also  wicked.

The greatest effect of just one person, is the one person who changed the world. This one person was our Savior Jesus Christ.  His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, His cruxification on the cross, and His resurrection has changed the world. The power of that one person has made it possible for us to return to our Father in Heaven.

As we strive to follow Jesus Christ, we are not asked to change the world. The power of one person’s example will effect someone and they will effect someone else, until it snowballs and before you know it hundreds of people have been changed because of one person’s righteous example. The question is what kind of power do you have?

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